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Can you tell us your name and a little about what you do?
My name is Mathieu Cieters. I live in Ghent, Belgium. In this beautiful city I also run the graphic and web studio named Studio Studio.

Can you tell us a little about Studio Studio?
Studio Studio is specialized in typography, visual identities, branding, concepts, editorial and art direction. As a digital extension of the printed concepts, we develop websites and animations as well.

We also love plants, the whole studio is filled with it.

How long have you been doing design? When did you first start?
For as long as I can remember, I was passionate about graphic design. I think it started when I was seven and was making my own comics. I drew little robots and made small series of books about it. I loved to put the books, which were more a kind of zine, together by hand with a scissor and a stapler. I believe that was the first step into exploring my interest towards typography, use of color, composition and eventually with a couple of detours it led me to studying graphic design. While studying I gathered experience by doing a lot of (self-initiated) projects, which eventually resulted in the start of Studio Studio.

Your style is very distinct. How would you describe it to others who haven't seen your work?
Studio Studio's work is characterized by a strong conceptual minded sensibility and a distinctive curiosity. It exhibits an abundance of typographic refinement. In our work there is often the presence of a hidden detail, something to search for or as well appearing by coincidence. We like a minimal approach in the concepts we create, that's why the details are very important in every design and we love to focus on the small elements. Our work reflects an amplification of the boundaries in the field of graphic and autonomous design.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Mainly everywhere.
But if we have to specify, we find it here:
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