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Can you give us a brief intro on your name, what you do and where you are based out of?
Artiva Design is a small studio dealing with graphic design, branding and visual communication. We chose the name while we were at university and we were thinking to start this adventure of setting up business on our own. Actually, it really doesn't represent ourselves, it's just a name, we needed one and now we got used to it. The studio is based in Genoa, a town on the sea, in the north of Italy where recently it rains a lot, there's water everywhere...

I love your design aesthetic! how would you describe it?
Thanks for the compliments! Since the very beginning, our research has consisted in trying to reach the right balance in graphic design.. We've always been inspired by the international Swiss design, which, according to us, is timeless. We've chosen to use few colours in our projects because to us, there are two fundamental elements: sing and surface, or in other words, pen and paper. Simplicity before anything else, this is our obsession.

You have done many exhibitions. Do you have any top favorites that you have done? Can you tell us about one of them?
The most interesting are the collective ones, where you can face the current survey of graphic design. We are always very happy to meet other “colleagues” to see how they're doing. Unfortunately, we didn't attend many of them, not because we're snob, but just for lack of time (there's never enough time) or because of the distance.

What type of projects do you enjoy working on the most?
Editorial design and branding, the creation of an identity, is what we love the most. In particular the complexity of logos, where you need to have the ability to be concise, one of the most difficult but at the same time, challenging things for a designer.

your design style is very distinct. Where do you find your inspiration?
Certainly from the avant-garde artists and as already mentioned swiss design. We also use elements coming from my personal “experiments” stored in tons of files.

Can you tell us about your online store and where we can find it?
It's not a real online store, it came up because we were contacted very often from people willing to get a little bit of artiva, something by artiva. I shouldn't say this but we haven't updated our website for a while so what's in the shop is quite old. Anyway a new “face lifting” is coming soon so we're going to show new works, new creations for the store as well...stay tuned to

Where else can we find you?

Or you can see us around (we're the ones dressed in black and white!)