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A complete mobile smart gym.

ARENA is the gym, reinvented. A high-strength metal frame finished with a highly durable ruggedized grip coating and four jet tire grade feet, the size of a suitcase, that takes the “at-home” gym to a new level. Built in the USA and created and designed by a team of fitness experts who work with Olympic medalists, NFL, MLB and NBA players across the country. Only weighing a total 38lbs, it is designed to go where you go. The ARENA unit is completely controlled with your phone where you can adjust your resistance up to 200lbs with just a swipe of your finger. The SmartWeight resistance adapts (in real-time) to your movement velocity with a multi-directional cable port enabling 200+ excercises. The regenerative charging delivers 30 days of training on a single charge. Additionally, with the ARENA app you get access to 300+ programs and workouts from the most respected coaches in strength and conditioning. Create your own workouts, or join a challenge from one of your favorite creators or athletes. Keep track of your results through your app that quantifies your strength training by measuring your power, volume and individual data to give your workouts an Impact Score™ that guides your training for safer and more efficient results.