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The smart, modern window air conditioner.

The July window A/C unit is easier on the environment, WiFi-enabled, and ridiculously easy to install. It comes in three modern styles to match your own and to keep your home looking sleek. You can control it from anywhere, schedule it to turn on at any time, and you can command it with your voice, and every July comes with free contactless delivery, no matter where you live. July has 2/3 less emissions than most window A/Cs on the market. Plus, July uses 10% less energy. They will offset every July's emissions over its lifetime through their partnership with at no cost to you. ︎︎︎

Spark Grills

Precision Charcoal Grilling.

Charcoal is far and away the ultimate way to grill. The smoke, the sizzle, the heat, and the flavor all comes together to create an experience you can never have with propane. But It takes time to light and patience to master. Spark captures the flavor and experience of charcoal, with the ease and control of gas. Their custom-designed Briq is the special ingredient that makes Spark unlike any other grilling experience. Designed by food and biomass scientists in Boulder, CO, they have brought unprecedented engineering rigor to charcoal to give you more ease, versatility and control over your cooking. It is made of natural wood and charcoal for rich, smoky flavor, it ignites instantly with a plant-based formula, and it holds and controls temperature better than traditional charcoal. The sleek, minimalist design looks beautiful in your backyard. But every part of the grill is built with durability and function in mind. From the steel tubes of the cart to the double-walled porcelain enameled shell, Spark is built to last. ︎︎︎


Premium DIY candles made easy.

The Siblings company makes sustainable DIY candles that are right by the environment, right by your home, and right by your health. For as long as people have been using candles, they’ve been creating waste. It’s a problem that has only gotten worse over time. Siblings believes there’s a better, more sustainable way of doing candles. They use plant-based packaging and natural coconut blend wax. candles The candles don't just smell good, they look and feel good. ︎︎︎

COAT Paints

Paint, Just Better.

COAT Paints formulated the only 3 products you’ll ever need for inside your home, using all the right ingredients. All of their paint is finished fresh to order, by hand, the same day. Their hand-painted peel-and-stick swatches are 100% accurate, and go straight on the wall. COAT was started for anyone who wants to transform their home, without the struggle. From day one COAT was built with a conscience, and made honest decisions they can stand by. From their eco-formulations and recycled packaging, to sustainable logistics, operations and eco-accessories. ︎︎︎


Objects for home & life.

KUARTO is amodern take on the Spanish spelling, the word "kuarto" which translates to room. The shop opened in 2016 and is treated as a case study of two brothers’ live’s work, as both brothers are involved in various endeavors; interior architecture, content production, graphic design, branding and creative direction. The brand aims to help declutter the noise we’re surrounded by in today’s consumer landscape. They believe great design makes the objects we interact with daily more enjoyable. Their mission is to source, highlight and create those objects. ︎︎︎


A new kind of alarm clock.

Technology, blue light, and stress hurt our ability to feel relaxed, fall asleep, and wake up refreshed. Loftie wants to break the cycle by removing the smartphone from bedtime and morning routines. With the stress busting machine you can go to sleep relaxed and stay that way with Meditations, Sound baths, and Breathwork. While there’s no app required, you might already have a bedtime routine that works. Loftie connects with dozens of apps so you can listen to your favorite content phone free.

Public Goods

Your one stop shop for healthy, sustainable, everyday essentials you can trust.

Public Goods is your one stop shop for healthy, sustainable, everyday essentials that you can trust. Their products are made from wholesome ingredients that are always clearly labeled. They’re free of parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals, and unnecessary additives — pure and simple. Public Goods offers organic, non-GMO groceries, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Their bottles are made from sugarcane. They source biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic and their paper products are tree-free. Every shipment to you is carbon offset and they plant a tree for every order. To add the final touch, they design every product to look beautiful in your home with simple, minimal packaging that compliments any space. ︎︎︎


The Tesla of Furniture Design.

BASTA is breaking new ground in furniture by solving real-life problems with smart solutions. Think Tesla of furniture design. Their ambition is to work very hard behind the scenes so you could enjoy a product that is reliable and easy —and nonetheless beautiful. They collaborate with world-class design talent to elevate their ideas through innovation and cutting-edge technology. Their mission is to constantly push the boundaries of what's possible. ︎︎︎


Home and lifestyle items made from recycled materials and found objects.

Puebco was started in Tokyo, Japan in 2007 purely on an impulse to creative instinctively, without the idea of selling coming in to play at all. The brand aims to create new value by re-using and recycling older products and transforming them to new, usable objects for daily use. Puebco is more than just a homegoods maker. Shopping their ever-changing lineup feels like getting access to a Japanese vintage shop. ︎︎︎


The first magnetic & refillable container made from recycled ocean bound plastic.

Cadence makes organizing all of your self-care essentials a breeze. They allow users to decant their products into durable, leak-proof and sutainable vessels. All made from reycled ocean bound plastic and feature magnets that keep them all together. You can create your own system that fits your routine. ︎︎︎


Durable Minimal Cookware.

CRANE combines durable modernity with the comfort of tradition by bringing performance, atmosphere, and aroma of the professional kitchen into the home. With a synthesis of science and functional simplicity, their cookware has become a perennial favorite for home cooks and industry chefs alike. All made in France by a foundry established in 1840, the C-series is manufactured using the highest quality vitreous enamel and sand-cast by hand to guarantee a lifetime of use. The S-series builds on the same paired-back aesthetic and is made by skilled technicians in England using high-performance 18/10 tri-ply stainless steel. ︎︎︎