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Herb Essentials

Cannabis Infused beauty.

Herb Essentials brings you high performing skincare products that utilize the unique beneficial properties of Cannabis. All products are engineered around oils derived from this plant and fortified with organic ingredients to maximize the effect of the specific product and its purpose. They believe that we all share a responsibility for this planet and the creatures that live here. Thus, they never test their products on animals and they use organic ingredients. All of their products are designed to work equally for men and women. Formulated, manufactured and packaged in Los Angeles, CA, Herb Essentials follows the strict prop. 65 policies that ban harmful chemicals and unhealthy preservatives such as parabens. Their products contain none of the psychoactive substance THC and are 100% legal. ︎︎︎


The evolution of probiotics.

Seed is an ecosystem of kindred scientists, doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and translational storytellers from around the world. They collectively believe in the potential of the microbiome to improve human and planetary health. Their Daily Synbiotic was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health—the first in a pipeline of clinically-studied, next-generation products. ︎︎︎


Fertility and pregnancy products with a net-zero plastic footprint.

Natalist is a better prenatal vitamin routine. Prenatal for her was thoughtfully formulated with 21 high-quality, gentle ingredients to nourish and support your body at every stage of your pregnancy journey. It is vegan, gluten-free, and made by moms. Natalist is funded, founded, and led by moms.


A clean hair care brand celebrating the Latinx community.

Ceremonia is a clean hair care brand rooted in Latinx heritage. Ceremonia is on a mission to empower a confident natural that feels as good as it looks. They are manifesting modern day rituals, stemming from rich culture, that feed your hair from the roots and beyond, because hair wellness is the key to unlocking the best hair days. Their hair ritual celebrates the longevity of healthier hair through unparalleled formulas that make a real impact. ︎︎︎


High quality genderless scents.

The fragrance industry is stuck in the past. Snif changes the whole experience. From the way you try it, to the way you buy it. You simply choose your kit, try the scents, keep what you love, and return what you don’t. They feature genderless scents, high-quality, premium ingredients, formulated with industry clean standards, and vegan & cruelty-free. Their formulas rival high-end designer fragrances at accessible prices. ︎︎︎


Improve your diet, sleep, stress, fatigue with affordable at-home lab testing.

Base’s at-home lab tests gives you affordable access to your body’s data. Get your test kit delivered to your home and see results in-app. They build out your diagnostic dashboard over time to help you focus on getting the results that align with your specific goals while minimizing costs. Optimize your lifestyle or fix your worst symptoms with a targeted improvement plan by tracking your biometric changes in your app over time. You’ll be able to see (and feel) the impact your changes have on your body’s key hormone and vitamin level and get monthly recommendations crafted from your test results. ︎︎︎


Skincare for Men Who Care.

Disco spent thousands of hours perfecting their products and created a simple, but powerful skin and body care routine. Skincare brands for men include mostly boring, hyper masculine and unrelatable brands that did not value natural ingredients. To solve this problem, Disco partnered with Dr. Eva Simmons-O'Brien, a Yale trained dermatologist and Professor of Dermatology at Johns Hopkins, to be Disco's medical advisor. Together, they formulated a clean skincare line called Disco that is changing the landscape of men's skincare.


The first refillable cosmetics brand.

Amalthea is an easy beauty routine that fits to each skin type. Just three skincare products, one body product, no more. Only made of safe ingredients, of natural origin, with no harmful risks. Each ingredient is chosen with care for its properties. It uses no unnecessary ingredients. ︎︎︎


High-quality CBD products inspired by plants, designed for real life.

Apothem believes in the power of plants and CBD. It was born out of a love for plants and the desire to do things differently within the CBD industry. Their aim is to grow a community of informed, like-minded people who just want to live better. Apothem makes a conscious choice to keep things simple. They use only the best quality, organically cultivated THC-free CBD isolate that is blended with carefully chosen plant-based ingredients to create ‘botanical synergy’. This is not just about the alchemy of CBD and botanicals, it’s about creating harmony within the body to promote optimum well-being, helping to restore your balance. APOTHEM CBD can be traced from seed to plant to oil, so you always know exactly what’s inside. ︎︎︎

Public Goods

Your one stop shop for healthy, sustainable, everyday essentials you can trust.

Public Goods is your one stop shop for healthy, sustainable, everyday essentials that you can trust. Their products are made from wholesome ingredients that are always clearly labeled. They’re free of parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals, and unnecessary additives — pure and simple. Public Goods offers organic, non-GMO groceries, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Their bottles are made from sugarcane. They source biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic and their paper products are tree-free. Every shipment to you is carbon offset and they plant a tree for every order. To add the final touch, they design every product to look beautiful in your home with simple, minimal packaging that compliments any space. ︎︎︎


Whole-Plant Hemp for Whole Health.

MINERAL is a whole-plant hemp brand with formulations dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components to benefit mind and body, in consumable and skincare applications. They maintain the plant’s omega fatty acids, vitamins, and flavonoids through extraction so that their oil can obtain the highest bioavailability and efficiency in the body. Their formulations represent an organic expression of cannabinoids and terpenes through MINERAL identified hemp genetics. ︎︎︎


Clean and sustainably produced oral care.

vVardis have a patented WX Formula that represents a revolution in Oral Care. Clean and sustainably produced, vVardis products whiten, brighten and help protect the teeth. WX Formula is a globally patented, ground-breaking, versatile compound that represents the biggest step forward in Oral Care since the discovery of fluoride. The Swiss Alps are the birthplace and inspiraction of vVardis, and the source of its most precious bioactive ingredients. The Alps also represent vVardis’s commitment to making sustainable, clean products that are good for the entire oral ecosystem. ︎︎︎

A personal care brand that puts social commitment first.

HAAN is conceived as a company with a deep sense of social commitment, focusing its activity on Water Crisis awareness and eradication. The most important benefit of all their products goes beyond their features. On the other hand each bottle carries a water contribution turning our clients into #watercreators. Haan is part of a new generation of companies that want to build a better future for the planet and humanity. That means a disruptive approach to the way a business is conceived: being part of the game & the solution. Their claim defines a social engagement in a outdated industry that has turned its back on the people. On one hand they are reiventing personal care products with high levels of design and innovation; on the other, they are creating a social change in developing countries. ︎︎︎